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Change for Good:

Building Resilience in Anxious Times

Listen to 21 experts speaking on living a resilient life in an ever changing world.


In this year's summit we look at anxiety from a wide variety of perspectives. Some talks help you understand how anxiety affects different parts of your life and others give you practical resources for fostering resilience. Our goal is for you to leave the summit feeling more resourced and grounded in this ever changing, and often anxiety producing, world.

Here's What You Can Look Forward To:

Kamini Desai, PhD

Yoga Nidra Meditation for the Root Causes and Effects of Anxiety

Emmanuel Dagher

Transforming Anxiety: A Gift of Healing

Carley Schweet

The Power of Creating Soulful Boundaries

Elizabeth Haase, MD

Breaking Through Anxiety to Action: Addressing Eco-Anxiety in a Changing World

Erica Curtis, LMFT, ATR-BC

Raising Resilient Children in a Changing World: Innovative Approaches to Addressing Anxiety

Linda Graham, PhD

Resilience: Facing Life's Challenges with Compassion, Clarity, and Courage

Carol Heckman, RN, CNC, CNHP

Mood and Food: How Nutrition Affects How You Feel

Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R

Anxiety and Relationships: Partnership, Connection, and Family Patterns

Susan Ford Collins, PhD

The Interplay Between Success and Anxiety

Thomas Cowan, MD

The Fourfold Path to Resilience

Grace Porter, LMHC

How To Be Healthy With Your Feelings

Amanda McKay

Using Essential Oils to Boost Resilience and Calm Anxieties

Heidi Read

Fostering Resilience Through Community and Creativity

Julie James

Using Herbs to Increase Our Range of Resilience 

Steven M. Hall MD

The Functional Medicine Approach to Anxiety

Elizabeth Cush, LCPC

What Anxiety Is and How Therapy Can Help

Laura Simms

The Stories We Tell: Coming Home to Ourselves in a Tumultuous World

Lauren Walker

Inner Trust for Outer Ease with Energy Medicine Yoga

Mark Bertin, MD

Mindfulness and Family Anxiety: Real Life Tools for Managing Real Life Stress

Molly McManus

Whole-being Well-Being: Using the Pillars of Yoga Therapy for a Resilient Life

Mari J. Frank, Esq.

Conflict and Anxiety

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How to know if this summit is right for you...

This summit is perfect for you if:

  • you find yourself feeling rundown and overwhelmed by the state of your life or by the state of the world
  • you feel anxious more often than you would like
  • you want more resources for returning to center when life pulls you off balance.
  • you are raising children (especially if they are feeling anxious too)
  • you live with or love someone who suffers from anxiety

There is so much about the world over which we do not have any control. However, we can impact the way we prepare ourselves to live in this world so that we have the skills to stay centered more often than not and to find our way back to balance when we can't. In other words, we can build resilience and we can raise resilient kids.

This summit is chock full of ideas about how to do just that.

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"I learned so much from last The Seven Tools summit. One of my favorite aspects of the interviews was that the experts brought really unique perspectives to their topics. I purchased the recordings for the extremely reasonable cost, and then listened to the various interviews at my own pace. I loved having the ability to go back and re-listen to specific interviews when I wanted to revisit the material."


" Last year I purchased The Seven Tools' Summit trusting I would find tools that I could put to use in my daily life. In truth, it was so much more than that... the content profoundly shifted the way I approach life, far more than I could have hoped! "


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