Fostering Resilience in Uncertain Times

Coping with the Emotional Realities of the COVID19 Pandemic

This 10-Day Course gives you the tools you need to find and maintain your center, even amid the chaos of life right now. It is informative, experiential, and, dare we say, transformational. 


Life is nothing if not uncertain.

The problem is, when life feels uncertain, it’s easy to become undone. You can lose your center and be swept away by emotion.  This is a normal human response when things feel out of control. 

Too many unknowns make it hard to make rational decisions. But sadly, acting out of fear, anger and frustration often leads to choices that don’t yield the best results. 

The truth is emotional reactivity makes it hard to thoughtfully respond to real problems. 

But the other truth is there’s no getting around it: life is full of risk. To be alive is to face risk on a daily basis. Inherent in risk is uncertainty and with uncertainty often comes emotion. 

The ‘what ifs’ can drive us crazy. 

When we focus on the uncertainty it’s all too easy to fall into a place where we can’t separate ourselves from our emotions and things can go downhill fast.  

With everything that is going on in the world right now, it’s understandable how our emotions get the better of us.   

But what if we told you there is another way.


Fostering Resilience in Uncertain Times

What if you could respond to uncertainty with a sense of clarity and peace, knowing that you have the skills to get you through any situation with grace. How much easier would it be if you knew you had the skills you need to be resilient no matter what? How much better would your family life be in hard times if you were responding to things rather than reacting to things? Meaning that you stopped flying off the handle because you are overcome by your big emotions.


In This Class You Will Learn How To:

Soothe Your
Anxious Mind

Learn concrete exercises to slow your mind and body. You can learn to reset your system when you find yourself in overwhem.

Stop Fighting
Losing Battles

Trying to control the uncontrollable gets us into trouble quickly. Learn how to be healthy with your own reaction and feeling about things instead of trying to feel okay by controlling what isn't yours to control.

Emotional Reactivity

Learn the skills you need to feel your feelings (even the big ones) while keeping your center. You can learn to respond to life instead of react to it.

I am loving The 7 Tools new Fostering Resilience in Uncertain Times program. It is a brief summary of the Seven Tools of Healing woven into a practice specific to our times. Included are conversations with Dr. Steven Hall and Grace Porter that take us through, among others, the important subjects of Feelings and Fear along with strategies to identify and move through them. I especially enjoy the Yoga Nidra practices that Grace leads. Her voice is calming, reassuring, and inspiring. While looking for support during this challenging time, with this program, I actually found a complete practice that will serve me daily and for all time.

-Joanne (Retired)

Come See For Yourself

How You Respond Matters

What if you could look uncertainty in the eye and respond with clarity and compassion? You could:

  • Assess the risks you face and make sensible choices without being hijacked by your emotions.
  • Know what you are feeling, and respond to uncertainty with clarity and determination.
  • Use concrete skills that help you respond with strength, certainty and compassion in your life every day, no matter what is happening. 
  • Use these same skills to move through hard emotions and find your center
  • Find your peace no matter what is going on. 
  • Have compassion for yourself (and others) as you face hard times.
  • In a word, you’d be resilient!

"Meeting myself with so much more compassion than judgement, like we learned in the course, has been a game changer for me. My days feel lighter since I am being kinder to myself." 

-Bridget (Executive Coach/Facilitator)


The Truth Is

Pushing through hard moments only makes them worse. Ignoring your feelings (mentally and physically) just compounds your problems. Your frustration increases and it becomes WAY too easy to lose your cool.  


And that makes it worse. When we are overwhelmed, it’s way too easy to STOP doing the things that help. And so the cycle keeps getting worse.


The overwhelm keeps our mind whirling so it’s hard to sleep. Without rest, everything feels much worse. It can affect your eating, depending on who you are you stop eating, or you eat too much or you constantly reach for junk food. 


Tasks get harder because your mind isn’t sharp. 


It’s a downward spiral.


It’s so hard to creatively solve problems when you aren’t feeling resourced. Or when you need nourishment or sleep or when you are feeling highly emotional. 


Luckily, there’s another way!!


What if your overwhelm and/or emotional reactivity are a clue that it’s time to learn how to have a more adaptive mindset? This course will show you how.

This 10 day course provides you with the information and practical experiences you need to stop spiraling and start responding to life with strength and flexibility.

In this downloadable audio class you'll receive: 

5 In-depth  Lessons Covering Topics of:

Thriving in the COVID-19 Era,

How to respond, not react, to emotional situations,

How to cope with fear in a way that leaves you stronger and more centered,

Fostering Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty, and

Compassion as your personal Superpower


Additionally, you will receive:

5 Powerful Experiential Exercises for daily practice 

5 Guided Meditations to practice the skills you need to build resilience in your daily life NOW!

PLUS 10 Helpful Handouts and

Access to Our Seven Tools Community Forum




  • Interview with resiliency expert Linda Graham, LMFT
  • Interview with Yoga Nidra Meditation Practitioner and Teacher Kamini Desai, Ph.D.
  • 2 Additional Yoga Nidra Meditations
  • Interview with world renowned storyteller Laura Simms
  • Our three favorite immune boosting tea recipes you can make at home
  • BONUS lesson and experiential exercise about grief--This one is still in the works and will be added to the class soon.

All For Only $97


"The 7 Tools have added a framework for attending to my stress as it arises throughout the day."

-Sara (Web Developer)


Who We Are

The Seven Tools is a family business focused on your personal growth and transformation. Steven M. Hall, MD is a physician who specializes in patients with treatment resistant chronic illness. His search for better ways to help these people led to uncovering The Seven Tools. Grace Porter, MA is a psychotherapist and Dr. Hall's second daughter. She specializes in stress, resilience, and helping people align their lives with their higher truth, Together, they teach classes, write, and conduct workshops. The Seven Tools offer a relatable vocabulary and framework for the often daunting process of changing our beliefs.




"I feel calmer and more centered.  Even when I fall back into old thought patterns, I feel less distress, understanding that there are steps I can actively take to feel better."   

-Nora (Cancer Survivor)


“'Practice compassionate accepting awareness of what is, the truth of my present moment.' This one concept presented in the course has changed the way I perceive myself in relationship to the world around me. Rather than managing stress, I am able to lean into the feelings that stress brings up in my body. Enabling me to reach deep inside to examine my fears and long held beliefs through my heart instead of my mind. By employing this concept, I have reframed my difficult relationship with compassion for myself, caring for myself as much as I care for others with unconditional love. I now have space within to take a deep breath."



"This class was very crucial to my surviving and thriving in this modern world."

-Kaeley (Musician, Former Environmental Lobbyist)


Join the Ranks of the Resilient

This 10 day course offers you the tools and resources you need to find and keep your center, even amidst the swirling chaos of life right now. The fear and uncertainty that seems ever present these days don't have to dictate your life. Now, more than ever, is the time to tap into your innate resilience.


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