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From: Dr. Hall of The Seven Tools of Healing

"I have been teaching my patients how to heal their relationships with stress for over 30 years. They learn how to become impervious to stress and you can too. I am excited to share my secret with you! Healing IS possible."

Take a look at The Chill Pack. I have compiled some of my favorite stress reduction ideas into this kit to help you unwind and correct the physical effects that stress can be causing in your body. It won’t teach you how to become impervious to stress like the Taming the Bear class will, but it will help ease your body and mind in the meantime. The kit is full of resources to allow you to live more comfortably with the stress you already have until you have the skills to prevent future stress. And that alone can help a lot. Here is what is included:

15 Minute Guided Meditation to Reduce Muscle Tension Headaches

I have seen over and over again that when stress gets ignored, when you just try to live with it and get by, how often that stress ends up making your muscles tight. This frequently leads to chronic back, neck and head pain.

So I’ve included a guided meditation I have been using in the office with my patients for over 25 years when they have tension headaches.

In this 15 minute audio, I guide you through a deep relaxation exercise that helps you cure and prevent muscle contraction headaches. It also works for some migraine sufferers. If you suffer from back or neck pain just substitute the location of your pain in your mind as you listen and this meditation can help you, too.

All you need use this recording is a way to listen and a place to lie down. Imagine taking 15 minutes a day to retrain your body so you could get rid of those relentless headaches and other muscle pains that ruin your day.

2 Yoga Nidra Meditations for Insomnia and to Reduce Stress

Next, I included two downloadable audio recordings that I hope you will start using today. They are special sleep-based meditations called Yoga Nidras, one for insomnia and one for healing the effects of stress. These meditations are guided, easy to do, and facilitate deep relaxation and healing.

During these recordings you will be led through a series of exercises particularly designed to work on sleep disturbance and reducing and healing the physical and mental effects of stress, respectively.

If Yoga Nidra sounds like strange or intimidating to you, rest assured that it is a time tested and scientifically proven technique that literally changes your brain’s reaction to stress. While some Yoga Nidras can include physical yoga poses, the recordings that we are offering do not.

Each meditation is about 30 minutes long and can be done lying down or sitting comfortably any time throughout the day. They are excellent to do when you first wake up in the morning, on your lunch break at work, or even right before bed! A Yoga Nidra is the physiological equivalent of a three hour nap, so try one when you are feeling tired and need an energy boost.

The name Yoga Nidra comes from Sanskrit, Yoga meaning union and Nidra meaning sleep. During a Yoga Nidra meditation you will experience the union between sleep and consciousness, allowing your body to fully relax as though sleeping while expanding your consciousness through connection with your higher self. My daughter (and co-teacher of the Taming The Bear class) Grace Porter M.A., LCPC will lead you through these Yoga Nidra exercises.

My hope is that you will take the time to do these meditations on a regular basis. They can have a profound affect on your health. Science is now catching up with what the yogis have always known. If you regularly practice these exercises, your brain will show positive changes in the long run and your body, mind, and spirit will be soothed in the immediate moment.

Herbal Restorations: Soothing the effects of stress with home remedies

I am also including our 33-page booklet Herbal Restorations: Soothing the effects of stress with home remedies written by my herbal loving wife Patti and I. It’s full of helpful recipes you can use at home that are both easy to make and offer powerful healing.

In the booklet, we cover a wide variety of recipes and ideas for things to make at home to counteract the harmful effects of stress. It also has a thorough exploration of a special class of herbs you can take that are specifically for remediating the harmful effects of stress. I suggest these remedies to my patients regularly. If you follow the instructions in the booklet, I think you will find these remedies can have a powerful positive effect on your life.

Click here to purchase your kit and get started on reclaiming your life from stress today.

To recap, what you will receive when you buy your kit today is:

  • 15-minute Guided Meditation to Relieve Tension Headaches Value $19
  • Yoga Nidra for Healing from Stress $19
  • ​Yoga Nidra for Insomnia $19
  • Herbal Restorations: Soothing the effects of stress with home remedies $20

Total Value: $77

My deepest hope is that you will dive deep into your healing; that you will find a path through your pain, your stress, and your suffering and come out the other side. I know, after nearly 35 years as a doctor that healing is possible, even when it seems hopeless. I hope with all my heart that you find yours.

Please give yourself the gift of the time and the help you need to find your healing. You are worth it!

To your health,

Steven M. Hall, MD

P.S. Watch your inbox. I will be sending you an announcement about the Taming The Bear stress class soon. We only teach it a few times a year so, when it comes, don’t delay, sign up, and give yourself the gift of healing!

The Chill Pack:

Resource for Relaxation & Restoration

  • Yoga Nidra for Sleep - A guided meditation to help you sleep deeply and wake rested
  • Yoga Nidra for Stress - A guided meditation to help your body heal from the physical impacts of stress
  • Heal from Headaches Exercise​ - A guided exercise to heal from and prevent muscle contraction headaches
  • Herbal Restorations - Soothing the effects of stress with home remedies - A booklet of powerful recipes for home remedies to heal from stress

The Chill Pack: Resources for Relaxation & Restoration

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