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This class gives you the information you need to confidently raise emotionally healthy, resilient children.

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You Want Your Children to Grow Into the Best Version of Themselves

Being healthy with their feelings is a big part of that. You do so much else to prepare them for life, be sure to include this important piece. Feelings are packed full of information about how we’re working inside and how our experiences are affecting us. Many of the problems we create for ourselves in our lives happen because we’re unclear about what our feelings are trying to tell us or how to respond to them.

Send them off into the world with confidence

Emotional intelligence and resilience are important traits in a world so full of turmoil and challenges. You won't always be able to protect your children but you do have the opportunity to provide them with the skills to flourish in this ever changing world.

People who are unhealthy with their feelings often:


  • Have low self esteem/difficulty feeling self compassion.
  • Experience anxiety and/or depression.
  • Feel lonely.
  • Need anger management.
  • Feel confusion about what to do with their lives.
  • Chase the wrong dreams.
  • Have unsatisfying or chaotic relationships.
  • Experience disconnection from their essential self.
  • Attempt to manage their feelings through addictive behaviors.
  • The list goes on.


You can give your children the skills to better handle their lives.


Strong Foundations will give you the ideas and practices you need:

  • to raise your children to have the skills they need to handle adversity with strength and integrity,
  • to be in touch with how they are feeling, and
  • to be able to use their feelings to self-correct and stay in touch with what is true and right for them.

And, in the process, you will learn these skills for yourself, too, if you haven’t already. 


The course is consists of 9 modules, that will teach you:

  • Detailed developmental information to help you understand what is happening for your children as they grow. 
  • Specific ideas on how to help your child be healthy with their feelings as they change developmentally from birth to late teen.
  • Parental skills to encourage your child's emotional health.
  • Examples of how to speak to your child at each developmental stage, and
  • Exercises to practice so that you have the right words when you need them in the heat of the moment.
  • And so much more.

Strong Foundations is an online class that you can take at your own pace. You receive lifetime access to the material so you can come back and revisit it as needed as your children grow.

This class has been lovingly created by Steven M. Hall, MD, his wife Patti Pitcher, and their daughter Grace Porter. Steve is a family physician with experience in obstetrics, pediatrics, and over 33 years of integrative medicine. Patti is an educator and writer, co-author of Under the Chinaberry Tree: Books and Inspirations for Mindful Parenting. Together they successfully raised four children. Grace is a psychotherapist and the mother of two young children. The class comes from years of academic study, medical practice, and actual parenting. It is sound and practical.

Patti Pitcher and Steven M. Hall, MD with their four grown children and even a grandbaby for extra snuggly cuteness.


"The 7 Tools' Strong Foundations course is invaluable information for all parents. This course is a great balance of teaching a foundational framework for parents about how to help a child be healthy with their feelings and also outlining practical strategies, providing specific scripts, and sharing exercises for both the parent and the child. There were many helpful tips and suggestions that I wrote down to try immediately with my 4-year-old and 3-month-old. I have read numerous parenting books and taken other parenting courses, and this one by far is the most comprehensive and most helpful I’ve taken thus far in my parenting experience. The information is presented in a nonjudgmental and relatable manner. Dr. Hall has a calming voice that makes this information easy to listen to and retain. It is encouraging that Dr. Hall shares some of his own parenting experiences, while teaching the listener his recommended practices. Each module outlines a framework for helping children be healthy with their feelings, why we should do this as parents, and provides practical and easy ways to implement what you learn for each developmental stage. The recaps at the end of each lesson help to sum up the information and there is also a part with helpful recommendations about what to do in common parenting dilemmas. HIGHLY recommend this course to both new or seasoned parents. The suggestions and exercises provided through this course have been transformative to my family dynamic and given me more confidence as a parent. I also truly believe the information presented in this course will help raise my children to be healthier, happier and more resilient. "

Hallie Ribelin, M.Ed. CF-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist Clinical Fellow, Mom of Two

"I very much recommend the Strong Foundations course. As a psychotherapist I think the material in this class is spot on. The application of child development to good parenting is hard to convey. This class does that in many ways that are easy to understand and fun to think about as a parent. It helps us step back and “see” our kids and then gives us truly helpful and well researched direction to be better parents to children of any age. Honestly I think this class is not only a must for any parent, but for anyone thinking about becoming a parent or, for that matter, anyone just interested in childhood development. It could be helpful for teachers, child care givers, or anyone interacting with kids at any age. "

Cristi Lien, LMFT
Psychotherapist, Step-Mom to Three

"Strong Foundations offers a sweeping overview of children's development--from birth through teen years--and the best ways to help them build a healthy relationship with their feelings throughout each of these stages. It provides a strong, relatable approach for how to raise emotionally-intelligent, kind humans. Mixed throughout are useful strategies that can be implemented today, no matter the age of your child. Dr. Hall's soothing voice, knowledge, and decades of experience offer a calming antidote to the often stressful world of parenting advice. He's reassuring and reasonable and makes it feel feasible to start helping both yourself and your children work towards a healthier emotional life and more genuine acceptance of feelings--the pleasant and unpleasant--no matter where you are today. This class speaks to the heart of what we want to achieve as parents; not only does it provide specific strategies for surviving hard days, but it creates an overarching blueprint of how to parent in a moral and grace-filled way. "

Heidi McNamara, PhD
Mom of Two

Your Family Deserves This!

When we teach these skills to adults, we often hear how that they wish they had been taught to them as children. They also wish that they knew how to teach them to their kids. Now you can teach them to yours!